Top 5 book to movie movies you need to watch

Whether you are male or female, young or old these book to movie movies are must see for anyone:

1. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”                                                                         Stephen Chbosky takes his critically acclaimed novel and transforms it into a spectacular film that expands your view on the letters that made up the book.

2. “The Hunger: Games Catching Fire”                                                                     A heart wrenching sequel to the first that sticks true to the book and skyrockets this franchise to the top.

3. “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the With and the Wardrobe”       A great family movie that has surpassed the book and brought more emotional depth into C. S. Lewis’ beloved characters.

4. “Holes”                                                                                                                                     A star packed cast that brings a childhood favorite to the silver screen. The actors portrayed the characters that brought a new life to the story.

Big Fish

5. “Big Fish”                                                                                                                                 Starring Ewan McGregor, this film takes the folk tale stories from the book and illustrates them in a fantastical way that would make any viewer want to be apart of the wild tales.

Francis Lawrence should of directed “The Hunger Games”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” has  been out for slightly over a week and every other book to movie movies have a lot to live up to. Francis Lawrence did a spectacular job bringing the style of the book to the silver screen.

The scene where President Snow visits Katniss’ home and threatens her and her family was almost verbatim from the book. I knew right then this movie was going to be miles better than “The Hunger Games.” From the directing style to the no camera shake it was how the first movie should have been.

If Lawrence had directed the first one I believe the pearl scene would have been more complete, Peeta would have lost his leg and the mutts at the end would have been as terrifying as described in the book.These instances were the major downfalls of the first movie.

Gary Ross gave “The Hunger Games” a good start with t he film franchise with only a few downfalls . Francis Lawrence however took the franchise to new level and I believe he will do two more fantastic Hunger Game films and keep the new standard he has set with book to movie movies.

A week of editing

DSCF9098-EditFor the next week when I won’t be studying for finals, working on final projects or attending class I’ll have Adobe Premiere in front of my face.

The time has come to finish editing the  scenes of my film “Demon Sorority Lumberjacks” into semi-completed project. “Semi” meaning a rough cut documentary style for my senior project and finishing up scenes in post production in order to complete the film for entries into film festivals starting Summer 2014. I do have a teaser trailer put together which gives me a longer grace period to finish up editing the final scenes in my queue.

On top of finishing up the editing for “Demon Sorority Lumberjacks” I have three promos, a “What’s Trending,” and a few interviews to complete for work. So a busy upcoming week of editing that will sure turn out to be a rewarding one.